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Wow...I’m now a certified personal trainer

Meet Farah (@farah_fitnurse), a full time occupational health nurse, aspiring bodybuilder and now NCSF certified personal trainer.

So you’re a certified nurse and now you’re a certified personal trainer - how did you end up with this lethal combi?

Nursing was my childhood dream and I’ve been lucky enough to be a nurse for 16 years and counting.

Along the way, I discovered a new passion in bodybuilding. One thing led to another and I slowly found myself training friends casually on the side and taking more fitness related responsibilities at work.

Things got serious when people started asking me if I could take them on as clients professionally or I could conduct group workout classes on a weekly basis.

I realized it was time to take that step to invest fully in doing what I love. In September, I completed my certification journey with NCSF. Couldn’t have done this without the love and support of my friends and family.

How has the NCSF certification been a gamechanger in your journey?

As a nurse and now certified trainer, I am always emphasizing the importance of achieving a healthy state of mind & body through exercise and a balanced diet.

Clients with chronic illnesses can also feel at ease knowing that their Personal Trainer is medically and technically trained.

In short, I am a health advocate and a fitness advocate and I combine the two to help others reach their fitness goals.

Biggest learnings from the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Course?

I learned a lot from Khit through the two-day practical course. Khit deep-dived into fitness techniques - proper forms to execute exercises safely, identifying and training the various muscle groups, stretching, mobility, and even meal planning to help others achieve their body goals. Very thankful for the course!

Any advice for others out there who are looking to take that step forward?

If you love something, don’t hesitate. Life isn’t just a monotonous ride. If you enjoy coaching & educating to make a change in someone’s life, go for it. You will feel the satisfaction...and it will make life more fulfilling!


Want to take your fitness techniques to the next level?

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