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NCSF Singapore | Reviews


See ratings and reviews from Google users for our personal trainer certification courses in Singapore

NCSF Personal Trainer Certification Courses (Singapore)

gurmit singh.jpeg

Gurmit Singh


"I took this course simply to understand how I can better train my body. It’s beyond just lifting weights and hoping the muscles will grow! Absolutely enjoyed the course :)"

jia en.jpeg

Jia En

Fitness Influencer

"Done with the Master of all PT Trainers. Such a funny & entertaining 2 days of practical!"


Kingsley Tay

National Volleyballer, Coach @ Revollve Volleyball Academy

"Very informative and engaging course that puts theory into practice. Khit is really knowledgeable and approachable which makes the course alot more enjoyable."


Dr Ooi Wei Seong

Cancer specialist

"Good range of topics covered, interactive class participation which is highly encouraging. Khit made the class enjoyable despite long sessions. Nutrition subject was well covered."


Hayley Lee

Fitness Influencer

"Was an entertaining and engaging two days for me to learn how and why things happen. Definitely useful to lay a solid foundation for my training and expand my knowledge!"


Muhammad Zulfiqa

Football Referee

"Learnt plenty of new things that can be included in my personal workout. Time flies and contents were able to be covered over the course of 2 days."

jamie pang.jpeg

Jamie Pang

Fitness Influencer

"I appreciated the hands-on workshop very much, where I learnt a tremendous amount of helpful techniques and exercises. I'd say it'll be extremely useful for people of varying experiences"

darren wee.jpeg

Darren Wee

National Men’s Physique Competition Champion
2016, 2017,
Personal Trainer

"Strongly recommended to anyone who wishes to kick start their fitness career with a BANG. Strong industry recognition and enriching practical lessons make this personal training course a winner."


Denys Ngo

GE Financial Planner

"Well structured course with both theory and hands-on. Extremely value for money, networked with likeminded individuals. Trainer is very experienced, session was both enjoyable and insightful. Highly recommended!"

cari li.jpeg

Cari Li

Personal Trainer

"I did thorough research before signing up for this personal trainer course. It hands down delivered the most value for my buck. Highly recommended!"

roxanne gan.jpeg

Roxanne Gan

Yoga Icon

"Highly recommend taking NCSF personal Trainer Certification with Khit. Sessions are interactive and we learnt a lot about health, nutrition and training techniques.  Definitely worth investing!"



Champion Bodybuilder/
Personal Trainer

"Two thumbs up! My closing rates skyrocketed after following Khit's tried and proven methods for selling. I know this essential skill is gonna serve me for a lifetime."


Azreena Abdullah

General Manager

"Great tips and group discussions. Interactive communication and questions. Khit is entertaining and emphasize on logical theories which makes it easier to absorb in an intensive course. Voice is loud and clear. Tshirt damn comfy!"


Muhd Danial

Virgin Active Personal Trainer

"Good course for beginners as it covers every aspect in PT."

cheng wei.jpeg

Lee Cheng Wei

Marketing Manager

"I enjoyed the hands-on training, covering a comprehensive range of related topic. Stretching, TRX, Cable Machines etc. I learnt a lot from Khit & fellow participants about my strengths & weaknesses. Thank you!"


Sandra Grace Benny

Senior Executive,
Corporate Affairs & Business Development

"Khit was extremely engaging throughout the 2 days CPT course. From ensuring everyone participates to giving out tips for us to have in our toolbox when we leave the course, I would highly recommend Khit/NCSF for aspiring fitness professionals looking to enter the field or just to gain additional knowledge."           


Ho Xin Xian Julie

IT Professional

"Khit is a very experienced trainer with in-depth experience in sports science. I am glad that I have picked the right class for what I want to achieve. I’ve learned a lot of practical stuff during the 2 day workshop. TQ!"


Wu Jianhua

Business Analyst
in Banking Industry

"Awesome course, learnt a lot new knowledge about fitness & strength training."


Kenneth Gomez

md ali.jpeg

Muhammad Ali


"Khit was very detailed and knowledgeable in the field. He was very clear and concise in the explanation. Loads of energy definitely made the course enjoyable."

"The course is very informational and well organized. The instructor is very knowledgeable and was able to explain it clearly and in-depth."



Fitness Enthusiast

"The NCSF textbook is an awesome resource. Now I have in depth knowledge of various topics surrounding personal training."

jake cheng.jpeg

Jake Cheng

Gym Owner/
Personal Trainer

"Best investment I've ever made for my professional development! This is truly the ONLY personal trainer course & certification you need for success."

johnson chen.jpeg

Johnson Chen

Gym Owner/
Personal Trainer

"I thoroughly enjoyed the practical sessions. The amount of valuable information Khit imparted to us is mind blowing." 

brian koo.jpeg

Brian Koo

Group Branch Manager
at NTUC Income

"A very engaging & interactive course. For a beginner like myself it was indeed helpful especially when Khit's teaching is clear & effective. Well done!"

What are you waiting for? Enroll today and show your clients you care enough to upgrade yourself & provide better service and results for them!


whatsapp icon-white.png

Whatsapp Khit

at +65 8503 7888

What are you waiting for? Enroll today and show your clients you care enough to upgrade yourself & provide better service and results for them!


Nico Quek Ping Yang

Sports Coach /
Associate Engineer

"Funny! Engaging!
Very knowledgeable in this field."


Sharifah Nadirah


"Fantastic, enjoyed the 2 day workshop more than the technical stuff."


Justyn Ng Wee Kiat

Visual Merchandiser


Muhammad Nazri
Bin Rosli

Preschool Sports Trainer

"Very knowledgeable trainer.
Fun & Engaging session."

"Trainer/instructor is very knowledgeable and very nice to trainees. He is very patient and willing to help us go through our common mistakes and correct us."


Muhammad Sufi

IT Analyst, Singtel

"Good course very informative

and able to correct existing errors"


Li Shiyi Christina


"Very interesting course and learnt a lot of new exercises that can be used at the gym for training."



Anytime Fitness
Marymount CC

"Great course! Able to help me understand despite my age."  


Evan Jackie

Content Creator

"Humorous trainer makes the whole vibes very light hearted and fun. Everyone is engaged throughout the training by demonstrating the various exercises."


Jude Edward

Real Estate Broker

"Coming for this course really opened my eyes to how i can improve my fitness and get the best out of my training. In just 2 short days, i have learnt more about training and fitness than i ever had."


Lu Jianrong

Auxiliary Police Officer

"Lots of new exercises that are unorthodox can be learnt here which can be added to our exercises that we can teach our clients as well as some of Khit's personal tips that are very useful and easy to be taught to clients such as flexing the glutes for a neutral spine."


Noredana Briant


"Lots of fun and informative lessons. Thank you Khit."


Melissa Fan

Operations executive

"The course was very educational and Khit is very knowledgeable with the program. Things that we think we might be doing right in our training turns out otherwise. Highly recommend for self awareness in our training forms & programs."  


Wong Su Ling Canice

Risk consultant

"Interesting and informative course where Khit can explain how each exercise works and how it should feel when you're doing it."


Wong Tze Chen Elliot

Physiotherapy Student

"Khit is very passionate about fitness & healthy living and spreading it to as many people as possible. He is energetic, lively and engaging throughout the 2 days. He is also very knowledgeable and answers questions very well. A must for everyone who wants to train safely."


Fion Hu


"I absolutely loved the class. Trainer Khit is patient, responsible and really guarantees our safety. I'll recommend this course to my friends."


Tse Tsz Yan Tammy


"Fun and useful class those who wish to become a personal trainer and informative for those who wants to gain knowledge for own training and workout. Difficult concepts are explained clearly in layman's terms."

soon kit.jpeg

Teo Soon Kit

Operations Team in a Gym

"Khit has good knowledge on exercises, programming and fundamentals of personal training. This course is good for everyone regardless of training experience because there is always something new to learn."

mun kit.jpg

Khong Mun Kit


"Khit is very knowledgeable and detailed in his teaching. Exercises taught ranges from basic to some pretty advance exercises, suitable for people from different fitness backgrounds."


Alan Tan Yeow You


"Very practical on the right, proper & various techniques to target each specific muscle group.   Informative on the diets for muscle gain and fat loss goals."


Mohamad Fairoz

Civil Servant

"Do come prepared to learn and contribute to the class as it engages your mind to think through the movements to improve on your personal training and to also improve the engagement of the person you are coaching."


Christina Chan

HR Payroll

"Very useful & interesting practical sessions. Suitable for all, not just PT-wannabes."


Alvin Tan

Realtor, Opera Singer,
Personal Trainer

"Enjoyed the way the course is being conducted. Big picture, the details are being discussed. Opportunity are given to explore & ask questions."


Carine Avanthay

IT  Project Manager /
Fitness Enthusiast

"I loved the richness of the workshop and the explanations & practice of all the exercises. It completes well the theory learning from the book & e-learning videos. It’s nice to practice as a client and also a trainer."


Corinne Kang

Administrative Personnel
in a University

"Useful practical tips from Khit. Pertaining to individual exercises."


Leong Guo Ying Georgia

Bank staff

"Learnt to prevent injuries through correct form. Diet + Nutrition, Importance of weight training, variety of exercises, added humor to make class more interesting."


Chuah Geok Thoo

Development Manager

"A lot of techniques, the course covered mostly everything. Fun to see some rare movements & techniques that we seldom encounter in gym."


Tan Hong Gay

Bank Staff

"Many components are taught. Stretching and mobility. Free gifts."


Yan Ji Wen


"Enjoyed the workshop very much. Lots of things to learn to better yourself on health & wellness. Khit is a great coach and humorous at the same time."


Khushi Raj

Head Sales and marketing
for a Radio channel

"Learnt correct techniques & more about what exercises work what muscles. Good tempo & motivation within a group."



Physical Trainer

"A lot of energy. Good explanation

of exercises."


Chua Ming Hui

Fitness Enthusiast

"Khit was very engaging throughout the lesson and he has a vast knowledge in the line of fitness."


Foo Mei-Zee

Head of Corporate Communications

"I thought the NCSF syllabus was very well structured. There was a lot of information, useful for both professionals and fitness enthusiasts. The 2 day course was good fun. Khit is one funny guy. So I found the sessions both highly entertaining and educational."


Arfian Hanafi Rogers

Veterinary Nurse

Khit is knowledgeable, he knows his stuff and he keeps the class engaging."


Chen Jianyan

HR Assistant Manager

"Knowledgeable trainer who could positively demonstrate exercises and share common mistakes and personal past experiences."


Lau Kah Soon Charles


"Enjoyable 2 days of lessons. Khit was very knowledgeable and displayed it by explaining complex movements using simple, clear and intuitive examples."


Teng Chong Yao

Full Time Rugby Coach

"Khit had a very good knowledge on both anatomy and gym work. Shared every single detail to help anyone to become a better trainer. Very fun and entertaining speaker with experience."


David Chow Da Wei

Project Manager
in tech industry

"Very knowledgeable and engaging. Paid attention to minor details. Course is very informative, learnt a lot of best practices."



Construction Industry

"Amazing Class! Interesting topic, great discussion and knowledge. Keep it up Khit!"


Teo Wei Yang Elroy


The course was very informative, Khit was good in explaining the techniques and common pitfalls of different exercises. Even though the practical only consisted of 2 days, it was sufficient to educate me on the necessary information needed to be a personal trainer."


Ong Guan Huat

Muay Thai Trainer

"Best trainer I’ve came across in my life, knowledgeable and interactive. Very engaging with class, informative on the questions. Highly recommended to people wanting to be a Personal Trainer in future."


Kai Lit

Financial Controller


Muhd Nashruddin


ahmad r.jpeg

Ahmad Rashideen



Muhammad Syafiq
Bin Salim

Police Officer

"Offer very practical training methods. Trainer is very knowledgeable & experienced. Course content is interesting."

"I learned so much during the 2 days course. The class was awesome. I'm sure to recommend it to my friends in the future."

"The setting of the class was very comfortable and friendly participants.

Benefited us in understanding the proper way of exercising."

"Khit is very knowledgeable and is able to explain to us in details of the critical points in each exercise. He is very engaging and made the course enjoyable. He gave a lot of tips for future personal coaching."


Arani Zuliffah


"Great and indepth information. Helped me to correct my form & be more careful when executing certain exercises to avoid injuries.

Trainer (Khit) is knowledgeable."

brian p.jpeg

Poh Zhi Qian Brian

Clinic Psychologist

"Khit is good. Good practicals & interactive. Good learning.

Enjoyed the part on different exercises."

chhon kiat.jpeg

Tan Choon Kiat


"Direct to the point and very well organized with his thoughts, will recommend for anyone who wish to know more on body building."


Nur Hafizah Bte Murid

Civil Servant

"The course was very interactive. The exercise demonstrations were very detailed. It makes participants understand better.

The hands-on exercises are useful."

han t.jpeg

Ho Han Tsung

Investment Banker

"Interactive. Tze Khit is entertaining (telling jokes)"


Hazmi Chan

Financial Advisor

"Fast and straight to the point."


Ivy Yeung


Andrew Ong

Senior Airport
Emergency Officer

"It’s fun through learning. Have chance to practice."

"Very informative course with good examples of exercises.

Well covered topics that prepares you for preparing a training program."


Jamie Lee


"Very informative and fast paced.

Learnt many new ways of exercising and also the right techniques. Friendly!"

joanne s.jpeg

Joanne Soh I Ting

Allied Educator in Teaching and Learning (AED T&L)

"Practical hands-on. Sense of humor from Khit."


Manisah Buang



Norhamidah Bte
Abdul Hamid

Clinic administrator & Dance Instructor

"Great balance of humor and fun during delivery. An depth knowledge of the PT course."

"Engaging and fun. Not so stressful environment."


Nurhafizah Binte Mohamad Afandi


Nyon Kim Fui

Business Owner


Rebecca Lah Hui Ying


Rozita Binte Kassim

Civil Servant

Financial Consultant

"Demonstration and trying out of different exercises and equipment were useful for understanding."

"The course & trainer, Tze Khit taught me a lot on fitness training during the 2 days course. I understand better on the role, responsibility and technique as a CPT. I do look forward to continue learning with NCSF."

"Informative and interesting course. Practical aspects were very well explained and demonstrated, definitely learnt a lot in terms of form and assisting in exercises."

"The lessons conducted are very informative and the trainer explains what is necessary for a good personal trainer should do when conducting personal training to a client, be it a novice, obese or lean client. He explains well and clear."


Cheng Jun Ryan

Compliance Analyst

"Hands on practical on exercises & coaching other students made the course fun while educational.

Khit was very detailed and gave insightful personal experience throughout the course."


Wong Shek Ting

CO-Founder, XO-Sports

"Learned many techniques. Corrected my own techniques. Trainer is engaging & knowledgeable."




Siow Wei Liang

Communications Consultant
by Profession

"Very practical, very hands on, good understanding on coaching clients. Appreciate it’s a 2 days training course."

"Large range of topics covered. Enjoyed the practical sessions and interactive theory lessons. I’ve learned a lot of new exercises and things to note in the gym. Good engagement with students."

Brewery Assistant

yuen yih.jpeg

Dr Yuen Yih

Consultant/Director of Health Assessment Centre in the Department of Family Medicine
& Continuing Care (FMCC) of the Singapore General Hospital.

"It was a weekend well spent, both in terms of time and money!

While exploring future possibilities with retirement looming in the not too distant future, matters concerning health and fitness seem to be something one cannot ignore. Hence signing up for the Certified Personal Trainer appears to be the logical choice.

Having worked in a hospital, where part of my duties involve managing a centre which assesses the health of individuals, it has become most evident that issues encountered with physical deconditioning as a result of ageing, are some of the things that we will all have to face eventually in our lives.

However, with no experience in sports, other than the occasional trip to the country club’s gym, taking part in this course was with considerable trepidation.  Fortunately, when the time came for the practical sessions, Tze Khit, our instructor, quickly put my mind at ease with his easy and casual manner.  At the same time, he was able to control the lessons well, and he kept our attention riveted.  His knowledge and familiarity with the topics were apparent as the pace went smoothly, and lessons would end promptly as scheduled. 


As we went through the various exercises, he painstakingly pointed out the common mistakes, which will be most helpful, be it for ourselves or for our future supervisees. And of course, his sharing of personal tips on his own diet and exercise routine on how to maintain a great physique such as his, was nothing less than inspirational."


The next intake is almost full.

Please register early to avoid having to wait until the next course. You also have to register early to have ample time to prepare for the exam.

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