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NCSF uplift

Fitness for all

NCSF Uplift (202233370M) is a volunteer-led movement that allows people with special needs to benefit from strength training programs. Each week, >140 buddies go through personal training sessions with our volunteer trainers.

IG: @ncsfsingapore

Pictures from our annual event Strength Fiesta, with >100 special needs buddies in attendance.

Our Mission: 

To improve various functional outcomes through strength training for people with special needs.
To build a more inclusive fitness community.

Our Vision:

To be Singapore’s leading non-profit organisation for strength training catered to people with special needs.

Executive Commitee:
Chung Tze Khit

Jasmine Chan

Jimmy Boey
Joshua Chan
Paul Chong

Pearlyn Chung

Riennth Tan
Winifred Low

We're Recruiting Volunteers!

Why join?

  • Fantastic way of giving back to society given your unique knowledge/skillset in fitness. Not everyone can contribute like you can

  • Hone your coaching skills, especially if you plan to start coaching others 

  • Be part of our like minded fitness community

When & Where?

2 x 50 min sessions daily:

Mon 7pm-845pm (Taiseng)

Tue 7pm-845pm (Taiseng)

Wed 7pm-845pm (Taiseng)

Thu 7pm-845pm (Taiseng)

Fri 7pm-845pm (Great Eastern Pickering St)

Sat 930am-1115am (Taiseng)
Sun 930am-1115am (Taiseng)

Who will I train?

A mixture of buddies with intellectual, visual and physical disabilities. 

Join us today!

Register as a Volunteer

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Kind Words from Our Buddies & their Caregivers


To whom it may concern,
My son, Christopher James Cheong has been attending NCSF Gym for several months now. He is 22 years of age. He is enjoying the programme. Weights are incorporated into his regime to help him with muscle tone and muscle strength. My husband and I have found this programme to be of great benefit to Chris.

Warm regards,
Dr Eunice Tan

Arthur found the workout motivating and challenging. The trainer was fantastic.

Ek Jin is very happy and looks forward to his Wednesday gym. The gym exercises help strengthen his core muscles and his coordinations. Thank you so much for making gym possible for them.

Kenneth enjoyed the gym training and most importantly  have helped to correct his posture and strengthen his core muscle. All because, the trainers are professional and the facilities are well equipped.

Gideon wouldn't miss his Monday gym for anything! He feels very grown up training with the adults; that alone is so wonderful. 😊 Truly, personal coaching and enthusiastic volunteers have made all the difference in his training and I can't thank Khit, Jasmine and the volunteers enough for this great program.


Leann is enjoying herself training in the gym with Charlene! The gym is gracious enough to accommodate her weaknesses and let her train. Leann has benefited from her time in the gym thanks to the patience Charlene has for her. She is now more confident of herself, more active and more energetic as a result.


Zirui was having behaviour issue when he first joined the gym session (maybe due to tiredness). But all the trainers were very kind, understanding and patient. Zirui was able to follow, focus and more happy to do the various workout. I could feel his muscles are more tone now too. 💪🏻

Kristin has made a lot of progress since joining the gym. Compared to when she started, she is now more co-operative and will try to copy her trainers. Her trainers are very patient with her and managed to stretch her out of her comfort zone 😊

Wesley has made lots of improvement since he joined the gym in June 2022. His experience with NCSF has been and continues to be perfect.

I really appreciate gym a lot and there are many trainers who can help me to get fit during the exercise I have see many improvements on how I can perform my running style and getting fit. Peng Guan

Bennet very much enjoys going to NCSF Uplift and train there. He has improved a lot on his muscle tone and posture and he even managed to loose some weight👍

Ming Rui likes to attend the gym session. All trainers are patient and understanding. He can follow trainers' instructions. And we believe that gym sessions help him get fit. Thank you Jasmine, Khit and all volunteers make the gym program successful.

Although Winston has only started going to the gym sessions at ncsf uplift, we have been very touched by the enthusiasm and sincerity of the volunteers there. They are kind, considerate and accommodating to his needs. As such, Winston always looks forward to his weekly gym sessions. Thank you to khit, jasmine and all volunteers. Keep up the good job! 👏


Heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to Khit, Jasmine and the volunteer trainers.😍🙏 For the first time, Sean in his  25 years of life is able to attend and enjoy the gym weekly. He is full of smiles when asked if he wish to go to the  gym and always affirm he wants to go weekly when offered choice of activities. Sean has become more confident, attained higher awareness of self and achieved overall improved physical and mental well- being. Tqvm. 🙏🙏🙏

NCSF provides not only a good platform for the trainees to train and learn, it also builds up their physical body and improves their health. It creates a conducive environment for them to develop self confidence. They have cultivated a closely knit trainer-trainee relationship and trust among themselves. Samuel likes the programme very much and has benefitted a great deal from it.

Testimony for Uplift Gym Outreach 2022@The Grandstand

My son, Hugh is 16 years old with autism and is a beneficiary of the Uplift outreach program at the NCSF gym at The Grandstand. He attends the gym sessions every Monday and looks forward to it to kick start the week on a positive note.

The gym routine which he started since 29th June have made some remarkable changes in him.
   ◦    increased core strength
   ◦    increased leg strength, obvious to his brother who swims regularly with him
   ◦    stronger upper body
   ◦    better self-regulation and mood management
   ◦    self confidence and positive can-do mindset

As with most children with special needs, Hugh often struggles with social communication skills. The gym routine has given him something positive to have conversation about with his peers, teachers and family members. He often looks forward to Mondays now as it’s his official gym day.

We are very grateful to Jasmine and Khit for organising this meaningful project and to all the kind and compassionate trainers (Jonathan, Janice, Mooi Siew, Francis, Jaime, Nelson and so many more..we have your pics with Hugh), you have done wonders guiding him yet asking for nothing in return.
Thank you for coming in and guiding him patiently as learns more about fitness and using gym equipment safely. On days he trains on his own, he has a library of videos to refer to now and learnt to use body weight or equipment where suitable. You have uplifted Hugh’s life more than you know.

Thank you for the great effort and spirit of volunteerism in passing the knowledge of fitness to this special group of people who may never be able to attend a normal gym session.


It has been a good 4 months since Wei Kang joined this weey gym run by NCSF. He has definitely improved his upper body strength. Walking and sitting down straighter nowadays. Thank you NCSF for providing this opportunity. Hope to attend many more sessions.

My Asd boy Adriel attended the complementary gym class organized by  Gold’s Gym since sept 22 and thoroughly enjoy it. He even requested for more sessions as he likes going  to Gold’s Gym. The instructors are kind and patience. What I could not believe is they could keep his interest going and very dedicated. Thanks again for organizing such a wonderful event for the special kids to come together not only to exercise but make some friends and mentors.

First a BIG thank you to the organiser, Jasmin & Khit for a wonderful programme. The dedication n passion from y'all n the wonderful trainers (volunteers) are such a blessing to Alicia.  I can obviously see the special youths trying n enjoying themselves.  It is a surprise i need not force Alicia to go.  She actually hate exercising.

This programme has provided special needs kids with opportunities and a safe environment to work out in the gym. The PTs in the uplift program are knowledgeable and were able to customise Cher Xuan's learning needs and strengths. Now, Cher Xuan has learnt correct gym techniques and was able to excute them safely.

Ryan diagnosed as down syndrome with weak muscles after he join the Ncsf uplift inclusive gym training by the kind hearted volunteers instructor and he now improve tremendously in strength n fitness which help him do the daily task more easily.  Thank you.

Yi Rui is getting stronger in his core muscles and growing confidence in handling the gym equipment.  This is possible as he is given the rare opportunities to be trained one on one by volunteers who are professional, encouraging and passionate trainers.  
Very grateful to Khit, Jasmine and all the volunteers!

Isabelle is always motivated to attend the sessions .  She is definitely progressing at every session.  Thanks to the good work of the trainers. Really appreciate the efforts. Thank you.

Thanks to NCSF outreach,  we are improving on our lap times (for twins Alex and Ben).

Izzy has been working out once a week with a guide / buddy at NCSF Uplift Inclusive Gym since early July 2022.

These gym sessions have helped her gain better awareness of her body and posture.  With one-on-one guidance, the guide helped her understand which muscle groups the exercises are targeting.

She also loves the group planking exercise at the end of each session.

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