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NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Course

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Course

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Course Official Video

Who is it for?

Fitness Enthusiasts

Regardless of your training age, join us to understand the interesting science behind how the human body functions & learn how to optimize your training to help build your best physique yet.

  • Get loads of good information from the textbook, do online e-learning by watching videos & doing quizzes
  • Attend our fun filled hands-on practical workshop that teaches you all the methods you need to maximize fat loss & lean muscle gain. Make new friends in the process! 
  • Learn the BEST techniques with us

Aspiring Personal Trainers

Congratulations on deciding to pursue your fitness passion as a career & make positive impacts on other people's lives.

  • Refine your techniques with us. Simply knowing how to do an exercise is not enough; learn how to coach others effectively
  • Attend our marketing workshop for personal trainers to learn how to market & sell effectively to your clients. Network with like-minded fitness professionals
  • Receive a reputable personal trainer certificate from USA & find career opportunities at studios & gyms 
  • Simply, get the best bang for your buck when it comes to obtaining a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

As a Personal Trainer, you:

  • Escape a deskbound, 8-5 job!
  • Charge an average of $70-90/session. Some personal trainers charge up to $200/hour!
  • Have flexible working hours
  • Won’t feel like you’re working when you’re doing something you love
  • Workout and keep yourself fit as part of your job
  • Get to meet a wide variety of people
  • Get to be your own boss (doing freelance work)


Learn exercises you've never tried before!

Top recognition

NCSF is one of the largest fitness certification organizations in the USA. The NCSF Certified Personal Trainer is well recognized worldwide. 

In the USA, NCSF has worked extensively with virtually every national fitness facility chain in the development, training and certification of current and future fitness personnel. NCSF personal trainer courses have also been peer reviewed and approved as a continuing education provider by the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification, American Physical Therapy Association as well as the Commission for Dietetic Registration - the credentialing agency for the American Dietetic Association. No other personal trainer organization has earned as much recognition as the NCSF.

Locally, NCSF certified personal trainers work in all major gym & personal training establishments such as:

  • Gold's Gym Singapore
  • Fitness First
  • True Fitness
  • Pure Fitness
  • Virgin Active
  • Anytime Fitness
  • ActiveSG
  • Results Personal Training
  • F45
  • GymmBoxx & many more...

ncsf ifitness.jpg NCSF on local renowned fitness magazine (right click -> View Image to see enlarged image)

Theory Topics Covered

ncsf certified personal trainer course textbook.png
The Advanced Concepts of Personal Training textbook contains all theoretical concepts, guidelines, and relevant information necessary to pass the NCSF-CPT Exam. It features learner-friendly highlights throughout each chapter which practically apply chapter concepts to personal training.

Chapter 1) Introduction to Personal Training
  •     Personal Training: Past, Present and Scope of Practice
  •     Understanding Health and Wellness
  •     Health-Related Components of Fitness
  •     Performance-Related Components of Fitness

Chapter 2) Functional Anatomy and Training Instruction
  •     Bones and Joints
  •     Muscle Tissue and Contraction Types
  •     Spatial and Directional Terminology
  •     Anatomical Movements
  •     Training Instruction

Chapter 3) Kinetic Chain Function, Dysfunction and Corrective Exercise
  •     Local and Global Systems
  •     The Integrated Model of Function
  •     Muscular Units
  •     Common Postural Distortions and Muscular Imbalances
  •     Corrective Exercise

Chapter 4) Human Physiology
  •     Anaerobic Energy Systems
  •     Aerobic Metabolism
  •     Muscular Fatigue
  •     Cardiac Physiology
  •     The Endocrine System

Chapter 5) Evaluating Health and Physical Fitness
  •     Factors that Affect Fitness
  •     Considerations for Pre-Exercise Screening
  •     Pre-Exercise Screening
  •     Compiling the Data

Chapter 6) Physical Activity & Risk for Disease
  •     Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, Hypertension and Physical Activity
  •     Obesity & Physical Activity
  •     Diabetes & Physical Activity
  •     Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and Physical Activity
  •     Cancer & Physical Activity
  •     Mental Health & Physical Activity

Chapter 7) Resting and Active Fitness Assessments
  •     Resting Cardiovascular Tests
  •     Body Composition and Anthropometrics
  •     Exercise Participation Clearance
  •     Exercise Testing
  •     Testing Considerations
  •     Exercise Testing
  •     Testing for Muscular Fitness
  •     Flexibility and Mobility Assessments

Chapter 8) Understanding Nutrition
  •     Energy Value of Food
  •     Carbohydrates
  •     Fats
  •     Protein
  •     Vitamins and Minerals
  •     Water

Chapter 9) Exploring Dietary Supplements
  •     Reading a Food Label
  •     Exploring Dietary Supplements
  •     Mass and Strength Gains
  •     Weight Loss Supplements

Chapter 10) Body Composition
  •     Obesity: A Worldwide Health Issue
  •     Stature-Weight Indices
  •     Body Composition Assessment

Chapter 11) Weight Management
  •     Factors that Impact Weight Management
  •     Energy Balance and Weight Management Strategies
  •     Stress, Social Behaviors, and Weight Management
  •     Eating Disorders

Chapter 12) Exercise Program Components
  •     Warm-ups
  •     Metabolic System and Programming Considerations
  •     Exercise Program Components
  •     Exercise Program Safety Factors

Chapter 13) Anaerobic Resistance Training
  •     Training for a Desired Outcome
  •     Training Systems
  •     Exercise Considerations
  •     Common Injuries Associated with Training

Chapter 14) Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  •     Assessing Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  •     Types of Aerobic Training
  •     Modes of Aerobic Training
  •     Aerobic Training Considerations
  •     Preventing Common Overuse Injuries

Chapter 15) Flexibility
  •     Introduction to Flexibility
  •     Properties of Soft Tissues
  •     Factors Affecting Joint Range of Motion
  •     Testing and Types of Flexibility Training
  •     Common Flexibility Techniques

Chapter 16) Introduction to Exercise Programming
  •     Program Design
  •     Prioritizing Needs
  •     Preparation Phase
  •     Anaerobic Endurance Phase
  •     Hypertrophy-Strength
  •     Strength-Power
  •     Duration of Program Phases and Cycles

Chapter 17) Working with Special Populations
  •     Exercise & Asthma
  •     Diabetes & Exercise
  •     Exercise & Cardiovascular Disease
  •     Exercise during Pregnancy
  •     Children & Exercise
  •     Exercise & the Elderly

Chapter 18) Ethics and Professional Practice
  •     What Makes a Professional
  •     Professional Principles
  •     Duty of the Profession

Hands-on Practical Workshop

This power packed & highly informative workshop has all the necessary ingredients to solidify your practical knowledge essential to your success as a personal trainer OR for you to learn techniques to improve your own training program.

Topics We Go Through:

  • Roles & responsibilities of a personal trainer
  • Safety Issues
  • Health & fitness assessments
  • Effective exercise prescription and program design for fat loss or muscle gain
  • Real world diet planning & food lists
  • Health & sports supplementation
  • Strength training form & techniques for all muscle groups
  • Cardiovascular toolbox including usage of battling ropes, prowler etc.
  • Usage of TRX and other popular training tools
  • Effective methods of stretching/trigger point release

web1resized.jpg Participants in action!

*BONUS! Personal Trainer Sales & Marketing Workshop (attendance optional)

It's awesome that you are passionate about fitness and want to help others achieve their goals.

However, in order to truly succeed as a personal trainer, you have to equip yourself with sales & marketing techniques. Perfect them and you will be on your way to build yourself a profitable personal training business.

During this workshop exclusively for NCSF personal trainers, you will learn:

  • Effective methods to market your services
  • How to go through a proper personal training trial session
  • How to effectively close your prospect
  • Methods to increase client retention & referrals
  • Other techniques to skyrocket your chances of succeeding as a personal trainer

Learn from the best in the industry

khit profile.jpg

image1 (4).jpeg
Tze Khit with Gurmit Singh at the course

Chung Tze Khit
- NCSF Master Course Instructor 
- Founder of Gold's Gym Singapore
- Founder of Results! Personal Training
- President of Personal Trainers' Association of Singapore
- Celebrity Personal Trainer
- Holds BSc (Exercise & Sports Science)

Tze Khit on Various Media:

yahoo personal trainer.jpg personal trainer certification 1.jpg
lifestyle personal trainers.jpg cover.jpg
stomp personal training.jpg business insider.jpg
For a full list of media coverage, click here.

Tze Khit started off as a freelance personal trainer after setting up Results Personal Training, quickly establishing his reputation as a Celebrity Trainer in the industry. In 2010, he set up Gold's Gym Singapore and have since grown it to become the largest personal training franchise business with more than 10 outlets in Singapore. Tze Khit is also President of the Personal Trainers' Association of Singapore.

With a strong passion in fitness & education, Tze Khit makes this one of his life goals - to impart his fitness knowledge to as many people as he can reach. Indeed, he feels most alive & often enters a state of flow when teaching a class full of like-minded individuals.

During the fun and enriching course, Tze Khit will be teaching you everything he knows about becoming a top-notch personal trainer as well as insights to help build your best physique. His techniques are based on both intensive research as well as experience accumulated over the years. All methods are tried and tested to work to propel you towards a successful career. These methods are essential but often overlooked in other similar personal training courses.

The Exam

The Certification Exam is a 150 question multiple choice formatted examination. Each candidate will have three hours to complete the exam. Passing rate is high for participants in Singapore.

The Personal Trainer Certification Exam is broken down as follows:
Functional Anatomy  15%
Exercise Physiology  10%
Physical Activity and Health Promotion  6%
Screening, Evaluation and Professional Practice  11%
Nutrition  11%
Weight Management  7%
Exercise Prescription and Programming Considerations  19%
Training Instruction  16%
Considerations for Special Populations  5%

Your Investment

This Comprehensive Course Consists of:

Advanced Concepts of Personal Training Textbook (Hardcopy) 712 pages of solid information anyone needs for a body transformation
Advanced Concepts of Personal Training Textbook (Digital Edition) Online version of textbook for your convenience
 Full Access to Web Portal E-Learning Resources (Including Videos) Understand better with videos & learn at your own pace 
 Review Quizzes  Helps you understand key concepts after each chapter
 Examination Practice Questions Gets you prepared for the final exam by understanding how questions are structured
Full Instructor Support  Experts from USA you can turn to to help you with any academic questions
 Hands-on Practical Workshop on Techniques Learn the most effective exercises & programs to bring your physique to the next level
 Personal Trainer Sales & Marketing Workshop (attendance optional)
 Learn tried & proven methods for securing clients, closing them & renewing them
 NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Certification Exam High passing rate
 Usual Price:  SGD1199
 Applying SkillsFuture Claim
 Pay as little as $299**

**Up to $700 SkillsFuture + $250 NTUC UTAP claimable. Hurry! Limited time offer. Find out more here.

Next COurse

Practical Workshop & Theory Exam Dates:

15 & 16 May - FULL
22 & 23 May - FULL
29 & 30 May - FULL
1 & 3 Jun - FULL
12 & 13 Jun - FULL
19 & 20 Jun - FULL
26 & 27 Jun - FULL
3 & 4 Jul - FULL
6 & 8 Jul - FULL
17 & 18 Jul - FULL
24 & 25 Jul - FULL
31 Jul & 1 Aug - FULL
3 & 5 Aug - FULL
14 & 15 Aug - FULL
21 & 22 Aug - FULL
28 & 29 Aug - FULL
31 Aug & 2 Sep - FULL
11 & 12 Sep - FULL
18 & 19 Sep - FULL
25 & 26 Sep - FULL
9 & 10 Oct - FULL

Weekday Intake - 12 & 14 Oct, Tue & Thurs 
Weekend Intake - 23 & 24 Oct, Sat & Sun
(last few slots left)

Timing: 12pm - 7pm

Location: NCSF Academy

*BONUS Personal Trainer Sales & Marketing Workshop (attendance optional):
Dates To Be Confirmed

certified personal trainer course

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