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Sport Nutrition Specialist

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The NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist Exam is an advanced specialty qualification for current fitness and allied health professionals looking to expand their expertise within the field of sport nutrition. This certificate program takes qualified candidates through an in-depth analysis of the underlying nutritional concepts and their applications for fitness professionals and sports coaches. Whether you are looking to work with highly trained athletes or addressing the weight loss needs of a client, the NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist Certificate provides the expertise necessary to excel in this highly specific field.

You will learn how to:

  • Recommend nutrients to optimize body function and performance based on the latest research
  • Plan & monitor nutritional status for anabolic adaptations, effective fat loss, and body composition for health and sport performance
  • Evaluate nutrient & supplementation requirements for human performance and function
  • Calculate nutrient requirements & manage nutrient-timing to accelerate adaptations to training
  • Recognize & manage disordered eating in athletes and active populations at risk

What Topics Are Covered?

Sportnutrition-textbook.pngSport Nutrition is the premier text available for up-to-date, evidence-based information. It provides in-depth content related to effective strategies for performance enhancement and includes a literary review of supplement efficacy and regulations.

  • Chapter 1. Nutrients
  • Chapter 2. Nutrients and Recommended Intakes
  • Chapter 3. Fuel Sources for Muscle and Exercise Metabolism
  • Chapter 4. Energy
  • Chapter 5. Gastric Emptying, Digestion, and Absorption
  • Chapter 6. Carbohydrate
  • Chapter 7. Fat
  • Chapter 8. Protein and Amino Acids
  • Chapter 9. Water Requirements and Fluid Balance
  • Chapter 10. Vitamins and Minerals
  • Chapter 11. Nutrition Supplements
  • Chapter 12. Nutrition and Training Adaptations
  • Chapter 13. Body Composition
  • Chapter 14. Weight Management
  • Chapter 15. Eating Disorders in Athletes
  • Chapter 16. Nutrition and Immune Function in Athletes


The Exam

Eligible exam candidates must meet the minimum passing score to attain the Sport Nutrition Specialist Certificate. The Sport Nutrition Specialist Exam is comprised of 150 multiple-choice questions, proportionately sectioned to assess the requisite five (5) content areas.

The Sport Nutrition Specialist Exam Breakdown:
Nutrition & Intakes
Physiological Aspects of Nutrition18%
Micronutrients and Supplementation17%
Nutrition and Physiological Adaptations to Exercise20%

Process of Certification:

  • Course Registration
  • Collection of Course Materials
  • Study for Exam
  • Book Exam Date (Date Is Not Fixed. Choose a Date Your Prefer)
  • Sit for Exam (At Our Appointed Exam Centre)
  • Receive Certification Upon Passing Exam

Your Investment:

This Comprehensive Certification Program Consists of:
Sport Nutrition Textbook (Hardcopy)     tick.jpg
Sport Nutrition Textbook (Digital copy) tick.jpg
Access to Web Portal E-Learning Resources tick.jpg
Review Quizzes  tick.jpg
Instructor Support  tick.jpg
Examination Practice Questions   tick.jpg
NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist Exam
8 NCSF CEUs (Meets Ethics Requirements)
Usual Price
Limited Time Offer SGD599

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