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Last year you said “I want to be fit in 2024!”

Well well well… It’s time to wear your athleisure outfits and actually do a workout. This year being the year of the dragon, it’s very fitting for you to get up and be a beast in the gym or at the park.

“Whoa… but how to even start? Maybe I should wait until I get a trainer-”

STOP. We’ll teach you how to get started:

Pro tip: Don’t be too overly ambitious and start your very first workout with a 10km run. We get it, you’re super fueled and excited to get your “bikini body” this year, but running a 10k will shock your body and dehydrate you. Start with a workout that you can sustain for the next few weeks. The hardest part isn’t whacking out the first workout, it’s maintaining that pace days from now when laziness sets in.


What’s easy for you - A high intensity short cardio, or a low intensity strength session? Some Singaporens find it easier to do a quick 20 min cardio and get it out of the way. Others hate sweating and prefer something slow. Either way, get moving!

For a quick short cardio - consider something you enjoy and can see yourself doing 2 weeks from now. Is there a nice park near your home you’ll love to explore? Go for a run. Or found a nice shady spot by an exercise corner to do some HIIT? Do that. For HIIT, there are plenty of great short workout videos on YouTube to follow. One of our favorites is Pamela Rief - check her out!

For a slow strength session - be intentional on the body parts you want to tone, and don’t go overboard with the weights. If you’re at home with no equipment, start by using your body weight creatively. SImple exercises like incline push ups using the kitchen counter is a great progression towards a full proper push up. You can also fill 2 identical water bottles and use them as light weights. Again, Youtube away!

Now, start with the workout you enjoy, and let that build excitement and motivation for you to work on yourself. Progress to involve the other component = if you started with cardio, include strength days, and vice versa.

This goes without saying, but watching what you eat is essential to seeing visual improvements in your body. Reevaluate your daily food choices. If you find yourself snacking a lot, reduce it down or better, change the snack to a healthy one. One great way to cut down your intake is to minus out the carbs in every dish. Sliced Fish Noodles? Go with Slice Fish Soup with Tofu. Duck Rice? Go with just the Duck and add on veges. Of course this can’t be applied to some food such as Pizzas. So if you’re invited to be pizza party, be prepared to lose that friend. Just kidding.

The last and possibly most important of all, is to get your techniques right from the get go. Imagine doing all the steps above correctly and not seeing good results only to realize your technique was wrong all along. Or worse, injure yourself because you didn’t get your form right from the start. That’s why when you join us at the No.1 Gym Course in Sg, we’ll teach you all the right techniques, form, and posture to get the most out of your workout and avoid joints or muscle injuries.

“Hm… yea I’m not sure if I wanna spend-”

If you use Skillsfuture, you could pay pretty much $0.

“Oh. Ok maybe I’ll consider goin-”

It’s 2024 remember? The time is now, don’t procrastinate on your New Year Resolution. Sign up and get it out of the way. Don’t disappoint yourself so early in the year (LOL). Complete your registration here, and get yourself the BOD YOU WANT.


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