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3 biggest pitfalls to getting your dream physique

Have you ever felt like people are secretly staring at you at the gym, judging your posture and technique? I’ve had many friends and students share with me that they constantly feel the pressure of making sure they’re using the machines right in order not to ‘malu’ themselves.

Well, I’ve been there, so I got you bro/sis.

But apart from getting your techniques right, there’s a couple more areas to think about when you’re dreaming of your ideal physique.

1. Improper training technique

Back in my day, getting the right certs and education was a must to have good authority and standing to dispense fitness advice. With so many #fitspo voices online today, it can get confusing, and frustrating especially for beginners who lack foundational knowledge.

Is everyone right? Who do I subscribe to and follow?

I live in gyms and I see this play out everyday.

Step into any mega gym and I’d say at least half of those doing weight training are using incorrect techniques. (Absolutely no shame to everyone who made it to the gym still, you’re there to sweat and build muscles, and I’m all for it!)

The thing is, the consequences of applying incorrect techniques can do more harm than good. In the best case scenario, you’d end up training your non-targeted muscles or find yourself in a workout plateau.

In the not-so-great scenario (trust me I’ve seen this happen many times), you’ll end up with an injury either happening in a split second or built up over time, and some of these might take years to heal.

So, simply put, using the correct techniques is crucial to prevent injuries.

Similarly, get your techniques right, and see your progress skyrocket. To get the absolute right techniques, attend a fitness course, especially one that certifies Personal Trainers. There are a handful of great places in Singapore that provide science-backed education, and NCSF Singapore is the leading one!

2. Not tweaking your diet plan when you hit a plateau

I can already hear you you go Nooo…’. Nobody loves dieting, myself included.

I mean, if ice cream was healthy I would eat it every day.

But even with the best training, a poor diet plan will ruin your intensive workout results. It’s terribly discouraging to be pumping away at the gym and not see results that match your efforts.

So 2 ways: Either you’re no longer eating properly to support the results you want, or you never adopted a diet plan in the first place.

Almost anyone can lose weight and gain muscle in the short time frame. But when you hit a plateau, It’s important to pay attention to what you do between your workouts. Fine tuning your diet plan or learning advanced techniques are strategies for you to see continued results.

Hop back on a diet plan that has worked out for you, or start adopting one with a low barrier. Not all types of dieting fits everyone, so you need to take time to experiment and find one that you can sustain comfortably. For starters, intermittent fasting is a popular one amongst beginners.

3. No strength progression in the gym

Now lastly, if you’re lifting the same weights you lifted a year ago, for the same number of reps. I promise you your physique was the same as last year.

Your body is more resilient than you think. It adapts very quickly to the physical demands of training. Once your body adapts, exercises that were once challenging become easy. And “easy” rarely leads to “great”.

Progressive overload is crucial for gains. Many gym goers overlook this, going only for volume or muscle pumps - uh oh big mistake.

Instead you should always strive to be better than your last workout. It doesn’t always happen. But it should always be at the back of your mind.

Did you identify with any of these pitfalls?

I like this quote by John Nasibitt, “We are drowning in information, but starved for knowledge.” If you love working out but are not sure if you’re using the right techniques, or maybe you’re passionate about helping others as a career - the Certified Personal Trainer Course (CPT) is perfect for you. Don’t let the lack of knowledge be your achilles heel.

In a snapshot:

  • Learn proper techniques for the most effective strength training exercises

  • Learn how to properly plan diets and methods of breaking through plateaus when you hit them

  • Learn how to load and progress with your routines safely and efficiently

  • Learn how to stretch different muscles and pin point pain areas to release

On top of this, join the largest community of PTs in Singapore as an NCSF Certified PT. Our course has garnered the strongest review base of 2300+ 5 star Google Reviews amongst all other providers. After you get Certified, you can also join us at NCSF Uplift, a charity arm that invites PTs to train those with special needs.

Your starting point begins here, learn more here and register once you’re ready!


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