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3 biggest pitfalls to getting your dream physique

What do personal trainers secretly think about when they step into gyms? “He’s doing it wrong”, “If she continues she’s going to hurt herself”.

1. Improper training technique

Anything is possible in 2021. Back in my time, certifications in sports science and the like were necessary for the “right” to dispense fitness advice. With so many #fitspo voices online today, it’s confusing.

I live in gyms and I see it play out everyday.

Step into any mega gym and I’d say at least half of those doing weight training are using the wrong techniques. No wonder their progress is frustrating.

The thing is, the consequences of applying the wrong techniques can go from “meh” to serious in just a second. In the best case scenario, you’d end up training your non-targeted muscles or find yourself in a workout plateau.

In the worst case scenario, and trust me I’ve seen this happen many times, you’ll end up with an injury you might have to live with for a long time.

Using the correct techniques is crucial to preventing overuse injuries. Clean up, improve your techniques and see your progress skyrocket.

2. Not tweaking your diet plan when you hit a plateau

Even with the best training, not having a well thought out diet plan will ruin your results.

It’s very discouraging to keep working hard when you can’t see the fruits of your labour. I feel you.

There can be a few reasons for a workout plateau, but a highly common one is diet. Either you’re just no longer eating properly to support the results you want, or… you just never were in the first place.

Anyone can lose weight and gain muscle in the short term. But when you hit a plateau, It’s important to pay attention to what you do between your workouts. Fine tuning your diet plan or learning advanced techniques are strategies for you to see continued results.

3. No strength progression in the gym

If you lift the same weights you lifted a year ago for the same number of reps. I promise you your physique will be the same as last year.

The thing is, your body is more resilient than you think. It adapts very quickly to the physical demands of training. Once your body adapts, exercises that were once challenging become easy. And “easy” rarely leads to “great”.

Progressive overload is crucial for gains. Many overlook this, going only for volume or muscle pumps. Big mistake.

The key is to always strive to be better than your last workout. It doesn’t always happen. But it should always be at the back of your mind.

Did you identify with any of these pitfalls?

I like this quote by John Nasibitt, “We are drowning in information, but starved for knowledge.” If you love working out but are not sure if you’re using the right techniques, or maybe you’re passionate about helping others as a career - the Certified Personal Trainer Course (CPT) is perfect for you. Don’t let the lack of knowledge be your achilles heel.

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