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Possible to make 100K/year as a Personal Trainer? Let’s Crunch Some Numbers


I'm sure you've read something like this before: Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore 2022: Which Jobs Pay 6-Figure Annual Salaries?, I did too, and I want to give the most REALISTIC shot at earning your own 6-figure income. Spare me just the next 4 mins of your time.

personal trainer income

Apart from commission based jobs like insurance or property sales, you have to get yourself a Bachelor/Master’s Degree and have worked for at least 5 years before hitting $100K a year. According to, if you make $100K a year, you're at the top 74.4th percentile in Singapore. That's roughly $8.4k a month. Sounds too far a dream from where you are now? What if I told you that Personal Trainers can REALISTICALLY bring in $100K a year, without needing a diploma, or years of experience? Let me do the math for you. Now there are 3 places where you can find work as a Personal Trainer – Big box gyms, Personal training studios or as a Freelancer. Here are the scenarios and salary breakdown:

Referring to the table above, you'll see that why it's possible to hit $100K a year is due largely to the fact that as a Personal Trainer, you can charge upwards of $100 per hour, ranking this in-demand skillset as one of the highest paid sport/recreation related jobs in Singapore. And that's only the beginning, as you get more experienced, you can charge even more.

Now that you know $100K a year is very possible for a Personal Trainer, the next step is to launch your own career, starting with our course. If you're thinking "Why should I believe you though?"

Over the years, I've found my own success in the personal training industry. From being a celebrity personal trainer, co-founding a chain of personal training studios to educating and certifying thousands of personal trainers in Singapore, many of whom have gone on to create illustrious fitness careers for themselves, I want 2 things:

- For more passionate gym enthusiasts to know about this hidden gem of an industry

- And to impart my passion and knowledge on all things about health & fitness Ultimately, I want YOU to know that you can benefit from this lucrative industry too.

Thus, I've created a detailed Step-by-Step Blueprint with ALL the essential information you need to achieve this: $100K a year as a Personal Trainer. No fluff, only the good stuff. In there, I'll share everything from specialisation, to branding of your service, to marketing avenues and attributes that you can plug and play. This blueprint can be yours, absolutely free of charge, when you signup for our NCSF Certified Personal Trainer course.

Read more about how this course can benefit you, signup for it, and the Step-by-Step Blueprint will be yours to download (this is exclusive to NCSF Singapore students).

Your $100K a year isn't just a dream, join us and realise it.


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