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Ask Khit Anything

Is Khit a fan of the Keto diet? What is his favourite kind of client? That and more of your questions in this classic AMA with Khit. Let’s go!

Q1: Do I need to work out everyday?

Khit: I would say 3 to 4 times of strength training a week should suffice for most people. If you want to go a little further, you can also do 1 to 2 days of cardiovascular exercises on top of your strength training regime.

Q2: What's a great way you've managed to get clients to lose fat?

Khit: Restrictive diets don’t work and fad diets can be harmful. 9 out of 10 times it leads to overindulgence, unnecessary guilt and even muscle mass loss. The best way to help them achieve their ideal physique is to create dietary habits that stick. Also opt for diets that focus more on diet quality and encourage them to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Q3: What do you think of trendy diets like keto diets and intermittent fasting diets?

Khit: I’m a big fan of the keto diet. It’s the most ‘powerful’ diet I’ve personally tried. Intermittent fasting has its uses but it's definitely not a magic bullet. We go into details in our courses.

Q4: What is your favourite kind of client?

Khit: The best clients are those who have good levels of intrinsic motivation. It also doesn’t hurt if they are fun to train and can teach me a thing or two about life while I teach them about fitness. Okay, if your next question is about the worst kind of clients - lucky for me, I seldom come across nasty clients.

Q5: Can fitness beginners also take this course?

Khit: Of course. We do have people come in with a very basic knowledge of fitness and this helps them find the handles to get started.

That being said, fitness enthusiasts looking to join the dots of what they already know and upgrade themselves will probably get the most kick out of this since we delve into advance techniques in practical ways.

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