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Shake Up. Shape Up.

Learn Hands-On Skills To Be A Certified Personal Trainer


Certified Personal Trainer Course



2 Full Days of
Practical Lessons + Physical Textbook +
Online E-Learning



(Up to S$700 SkillsFuture + S$250 NTUC UTAP Claimable)





Elevating Workout Routines

The Ultimate Certified Personal Trainer Course with NCSF

The National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF) is a leading fitness certification organisation based in the USA that has a fast-growing global community of more than 250,000 certified personal trainers to date.


NCSF works with an extensive network of fitness facility chains to develop, train and certify current and future fitness personnel. In Singapore, NCSF certified personal trainers work in all major gym & personal training establishments such as Gold's Gym Singapore, Fitness First and True Fitness.

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Who Should Enrol For
Certified Personal Trainer Course?

It's not just for a career advancement, it's a course for all - enthusiasts & aspiring trainers.


Fitness Enthusiasts

Regardless of your age, join us to understand the science behind how the human body functions & learn how to optimise your training to help build your best physique yet.

  • Get loads of good information from the textbook, do online e-learning by watching videos & doing quizzes

  • Attend our fun filled hands-on practical workshop that teaches you all the methods you need to maximise fat loss & lean muscle gain. Make new friends in the process! 

  • Learn the BEST techniques with us

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Aspiring Personal Trainers

Deciding to pursue your fitness passion as a career & make positive impacts on other people's lives?

  • Refine your techniques with us & learn how to coach others effectively

  • Attend our FREE marketing workshop to learn how to communicate effectively to your clients.

  • Reputable personal trainer certificate from USA & find career opportunities across multiple sectors.

  • NCSF provides the best value when it comes to obtaining a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)




100% Practical Lessons

At NCSF we provide 100% Practical Courses + Online E-Learning that will supercharge your confidence in Personal Training.

5/5 Google Reviews

We've attained over 1100+ 5/5 Google reviews! Recognised & Endorsed by Celebrities, Influencers and Working Professionals! 

Thousands of Students

We've trained and coached thousands of students over the past 10 years! Many have started their own business or pursued PT professionally.

Get Skills & Insights to Your Workouts
2 Full Days of Dynamic Sessions to Kickstart your PT Journey

Kettlebell Workout


Embrace the steep learning curve of techniques, form and dive deep into the knowledge of Tze Khit's expertise to elevate your workouts!

  • Understand the basic foundation of your body physique to prevent injuries.

  • Practical methods you need to maximise fat loss & lean muscle gain. 

  • The best practices when it comes to strength, weight & core training for all muscle groups!

  • Design your own workout programme for maximum effectiveness

Muscular Man in Gym


Come to the realisation that you've been practicing wrong techniques and having the wrong form from simple exercises!

  • Refine your techniques with us & learn how to coach others effectively

  • Identify common mistakes made during workouts that causes injury

  • Correcting flawed techniques can lead to larger gains and improve overall results.

  • Diet and nutrition intake affects the long term outcome of your physique

Meet Tze Khit


Tze Khit

Founder & CEO

The founder of Gold Gym Singapore, home to the largest personal training franchise

Tze Khit is a certified NCSF Master Course Instructor and the President of the Personal Trainers' Association of Singapore with over 10 years of experience in training students to pursue personal training professionally.

Tze Khit's passion to impart his fitness knowledge has been felt across thousands of students - to elevate, pursue & progress.


The Best Thing Is, This Course Is Funded Up To 85%
(SkillsFuture + NTUC UTAP)

Heavy Weights

Up to S$700 off SkillsFuture

Eligibility: All Singaporeans 25y/o & Above

Gym Tools

Up to S$250 off NTUC UTAP 

Eligibility: All NTUC Members

*Hurry! Slots are filling in fast.
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Our Clients

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gurmit singh

Gurmit Singh,

"I took this course simply to understand how I can better train my body. It’s beyond just lifting weights and hoping the muscles will grow! Absolutely enjoyed the course :)"



Hayley Lee,
Fitness Infuencer

"Was an entertaining and engaging two days for me to learn how and why things happen. Definitely useful to lay a solid foundation for my training and expand my knowledge!"

jamie pang.webp

Jamie Pang,
Fitness Influencer

"I appreciated the hands-on workshop very much, where I learnt a tremendous amount of helpful techniques and exercises. I'd say it'll be extremely useful for people of varying experiences"


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